Time to Pack Your Bags


When your boss refuses to effectively communicate, and your co-workers are constantly gossiping in your ear, it might be time to start exploring other employment options. Here are some other red flags that indicate an unfixable work environment.


Did you know you can get sick from work?

The saying “I’m sick of my job” can actually translate into getting sick—physically! Stress, especially chronic stress, has been linked to many illnesses including viruses, heart disease, ulcers, and possibly even cancer. If you spend 40 hours a week in a place you dread going to every day, with a boss who intimidates you and work that’s high pressure but low reward, it’s going to have an effect on your health, which will then affect your ability to do your job. You’re not helping anyone by sticking around. It could be as simple as just feeling lethargic and depressed to the point where you don’t want to do much other than sit on the couch; disconnecting from your loved ones. If your work has started to take its toll on your body, you need to look for a way out. 


You’re not alone.

You go to get a cup of water from the local watering hole down the hallway and you overhear colleagues talking about how “Chuck” just up and quit. The sentiment is they are feeling the same way too. If you are noticing many of your colleagues are unhappy at work, this is a serious red flag. It’s a sign the environment is the problem, not you. This doesn’t mean leave the company—at least not right away. It could be your department is just dysfunctional or not the right fit. Perhaps you truly belong in finance, but somehow found yourself in consulting or sales. It’s possible to transfer and find a better fit with happier people. But, if those in the company environment are unhappy as well, it’s time to re-evaluate why you are working there.


Not all clothes fit the right way—neither do jobs.

Not every job is the perfect fit. The whole point of graduating college and starting a career is just that—you are starting a career. You will have to try on many different companies or roles until you find the perfect fit. Whether you are just starting out or in your 40s and realizing you have outgrown your current employment, these simple questions will help you determine if it’s time to leave.  Do I share similarities with my co-workers, or are they all very different people than me? Do I fit in socially and culturally with my team? Did I take this job for the wrong reasons (e.g., my parents want me in this career; I like the status or money this job title gives me)? Is there any other reason, aside from the pay and benefits, I want to be doing this job?


Deciding it’s time to find new employment can be scary and stressful. But be smart. If you identify it’s time for a change, start taking crucial steps while still employed. It will reduce stress and make your transition much easier. Read our recent article on searching for a new job while still employed here.


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