You’re a Perfectionist and Here’s Why We Hate It


What is perfection? Do you know what it looks like? Imagine walking into someone’s house and every figurine, throw pillow, or table setting is placed perfectly in just the right spot. Even shoes are neatly placed in that just-so way. Perhaps you have a friend who can’t accept anything less than an A+ in all his/her classes; where a B+ warrants outcry from them? That is perfectionism. Perfectionism is the refusal to accept any standard short of perfect. This mentality doesn’t just translate to home décor and scholastic achievement, it is a standard by which many bosses and hiring managers view candidates and it can get you stuck in a rut quickly—here’s why.


You can never eliminate risk.

If you are in the hiring-process mode at the moment but haven’t actually hired anyone yet, ask yourself why that is? Sometimes the best course of action is action itself. If you are hesitating because the job candidates aren’t meeting your standard for hiring, it could have more to do with you not wanting to take a risk on new candidates. But no one can fully eliminate risk, and trying to hire a candidate who will guarantee that may end up costing you more money and time than you realize. Hiring can be a stressful process. While it’s good to evaluate, be thoughtful, reflect on each candidate’s skills, and communicate; it’s also good to see how someone functions “outside the box.” A perfectionist may not be able to deliver on the creative aspects of the job, or to think innovatively because they are “by the book.” Consider what you value most and what is best for the company as a whole before hiring your next candidate. Sometimes a little risk is a good thing.


The mentality of a perfectionist.

Hiring a perfectionist can cause tension and animosity with other workers. Perfectionists tend to have little faith in those around them and may not always work as a “team player.” They prefer to do it themselves because—“if you want it done right, do it yourself.” But everyone’s path to performing a task is different, and while a team member may have taken a different approach, they may also have gained insight that would not have been achieved had they done it someone else’s way. One set of eyes on a task or objective may result in unexpected errors. No one way is the right way as long as the task is completed or the job is done. Pull in team members to help you evaluate candidates, because ultimately, your new hire will be working with them and what’s important to your employee’s matters too.


The status quo.

Perfectionists will almost always take the conservative route. Sometimes being conservative is good. But in order for businesses to thrive and excel in today’s marketplace, pushing boundaries and taking risks are necessary. Maintaining the status quo will not get you very far. It’s a competitive market out there and businesses are aggressively looking for ways to get ahead. Keep this in mind when looking at job candidates. It’s more about finding that perfect balance than the perfect candidate.


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