Four Ways to Keep Employees Productive During the Holidays


The allure of the holidays and time off can cause employees to lose interest and tank quickly. However, helping employees maintain focus gives them a chance to stand out and keeps your productivity steady through the holidays. Here are some tips on how to boost morale and get the most out of employees during this time of year.

Make to-do lists.

Guide your employees by showing them how you get through the holiday morale slump. Ask them to create to-do lists for what they have going on during the holiday season. With all the shopping, in-laws and relatives, decorating, traveling, not to mention work projects, it truly helps employees to see what they need to prioritize and where they can put stuff on the back burner. The psychological relief of clearing the mental clutter and then removing some burdens is immense. It makes the holidays more joyful and energizes both employees and you to accomplish front burner tasks.

Work should stay at work:

Everyone has family obligations during the holiday season. When at the office, try to set clear and reasonable goals for what employees should accomplish while at the office. Remind employees that company expectations at the office are to stay productive; however, it is not expected that employees take work home with them. You need to convey the holidays are a time for family and celebration, and company policy is one of balance. The idea is to use motivation to get employees to stay as productive and motivated as possible while at work, so that they may get out the door on time, and be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season with those they love.

Don’t be a Grinch.

The holidays are about laughter, fun, joy, camaraderie and holiday treats. If you notice employees’ morale is low, allow some of the seasonal spirit to seep into the office. Let employees decorate their office areas; allow for holiday potlucks and festive luncheons during the month. Weeks leading up to the holiday, let employees take one day a week to get holiday shopping done or play holiday music during the lunch hours.

Remember that some goals are long term.

The new year is just around the corner, and with it are long-term goals and projects that don’t have to be completed by the first of the new year. Remind employees that with the new year comes new budgets and projects. This will keep staff motivated and help them connect what they are doing now is connected to longer term initiatives.

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