Maximize Your Productivity on The Job: 5 Apps That Help!

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Working in an office or at a desk-job can often become monotonous. And, with so many working from home, staying productive can be a juggling act. Here’s how to fight off the monotony, remain effective, and succeed at your job! These apps and tools can help.

1. Trello:

For those who need a visual task management system, Trello is a great tool. It creates a visual workflow and process management system for projects, acting as both a to-do list and a tracking tool. Its cloud-based platform lets you work with collaborators and upload documents directly to each task, keeping everything keenly organized in one place. The highly intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to pick up in just a few minutes. This is a great tool for those in management if you deal with higher staff turnover rates or rely on contractors and extra staff during high-peak seasons.

2. Schedule:

An app that’s made for teams operating across multiple locations, this workplace app allows managers to schedule employees at a specific time and location, complete with a job description. It includes everyone on the team, so every project is properly coordinated. With features like maps and calendars built-in, job information can also be exported or used in conjunction with other apps. Plus, data capture capabilities within the app allow you to document the job as it’s being done, for recordkeeping and transparency purposes (if you are not already in management, this looks very good to managers—wink, wink).

3. MindMeister:

It’s not always easy to get ideas out of your head and into an understandable form. Visualizations like flow charts, decision trees, or spider diagrams can help you connect and organize your thoughts—but when you draw them by hand, they often turn into lame scribbles on a whiteboard. To create cleaner digital versions of these tools, try the MindMeister app. Your diagrams, which the app refers to as “mind maps,” can describe current work projects, future ideas, timelines, company strategies, or any thoughts you need to share with your colleagues. The beauty of MindMeister is its flexibility; you can customize a map’s appearance and layout with all kinds of fonts, colors, and shapes, giving you a customized result. Or you can opt for a simpler format and use the app to take straightforward written notes.

4. CamCard:

Business cards are still the currency of the working world. In the finance and accounting industry, your old-school Rolodex is likely chocked-full of cards. CamCard helps digitize cards to ensure they’re always available to you in the cloud. Just snap a picture of the card, and the software pulls out all of the details, creating a virtual Rolodex for you to comb through, complete with pictures of the physical cards. CamCard takes the stress out of trying to remember contacts and is great for workers on the go who need to tap into their network at any time. The app even allows you to make phone calls, send emails or access your contact’s social media with a tap of the finger.

5. Dropbox:

These days, many work from home; you’ll need access to your files no matter where you are. To sync your data between multiple devices—phone, tablet, home laptop, office desktop—use a cloud-storage service like Dropbox, which is simple to install, configure, and be shared across teams. This third-party program, not affiliated with Google, Apple, or Microsoft, works as well as a proprietary service. It effortlessly syncs files between your physical devices and the cloud, and it can cache data so you can access it offline. The staff at Dropbox also offers great webinars and training sessions so you can easily navigate all that it has to offer. Dropbox comes with Paper, a well-integrated tool for document editing and collaboration, which may come in handy when you’re working on projects with colleagues. The free version of Dropbox provides 2GB of storage space. For more room, ask your company to provide a subscription model.

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