Push But Don’t Be Pushy


As a manager, your job is to help your team be as successful as possible. Oftentimes, it means towing the line pushing them to be great without being too pushy.  Here are some tips from PrideStaff Financial.

Walk the line between assertive and pushy.

Identify shared wins. You can turn pushy into encouragement when you help others win. Make it a team effort, and be willing to tout what others have accomplished that meets shared goals. This tactic gets everyone involved and working towards the same goals.

Put your ego aside.

Listen to your team and others before you speak. When you speak above or before others, it shows you see yourself as most important, as first. Be an active listener, but when the time comes, you should also open up. Be open, be honest, be humble. Showing you can communicate and are not closed down, indicates a willingness to cooperate, understand and be open-minded.


You want to engage with your team and colleagues. You may be a manager, but that doesn’t mean resisting their efforts or ideas.

Testing self-control.

Establish deadlines for projects and then step back. This could be the hardest thing for a manager to do. Micromanaging may work for some people; however, most employees would rather be given guidelines, and then be allowed to meet those guidelines. You need to show trust among the team. Micromanaging means controlling every part of a project; every detail of an activity. If you don’t want to come across as pushy, you will need to practice self-control and step back to let your team do their job.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Many times, managers don’t consider how words might be interpreted by others, or how other people’s situations might make them see things differently. When others come to you, take a moment to imagine what it must be like to be in their situation before responding.

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