The Best of 2015!


It’s easy to understand what’s working with our PrideStaff Financial website. It comes with deep statistics and research that show us what’s popular, and the valuable information that helps both client and candidate. We work hard to bring relevant and current information to your doorstep via our PrideStaff blog. Here is a recap of the most visited and most popular blogs of 2015!


Acing the internal job interview. About 50 percent of employees in today’s marketplace want to move up within a company, according to statistics from the Department of Labor. This means interviewing for internal positions of interest—read more at


Ask for a raise and justify it.It can be very difficult to muster up courage to ask your boss for a pay raise. The key to asking for an increase has to do with timing, professionalism, and strategy—read more at

Three ways to break the ice with a new boss.Whether you find yourself in a close-knit office where everyone seems like they’ve been friends forever, or you’re just a little shy, PrideStaff Financial has three easy steps to break the ice with your new boss and colleagues—read more at


What to do when candidates reject your salary offer. Even in business, you are not immune to being rejected by potential candidates. So how does your business handle rejection?

How to handle underperformers.At some point in time as a manager, you’re going to deal with a staff member that simply isn’t pulling their own weight.  A good manager doesn’t sit back and hope they turn things around.  Instead, they take action and help that employee succeed—read more at

What to do when a key employee quits. The ebb and flow of business will result in turnover of some key personnel. It happens to all businesses. The difference between your company and another is how you handle the loss of key employees—read more at

Giving constructive criticism. As a leader, it is part of your responsibility to effect change, let creativity blossom, and give feedback to correct below-standard work of an employee. How you give that feedback determines the outcome of the changes needed—read more at


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